I’m totally going to lose followers because of this, but I was thinking…

What would you do if you were just checking out your face before you got in the shower—you know a little maintenance…dealing with some pimples or tweezing your eyebrows—and all of a sudden you notice this weird kind of ruche in your skin up by your scalp. It makes you pause for a minute because you’ve never noticed this on your face before. So you start to poke it and rub it and the basic kind of things you do to something that you’re not sure of. Then, you start to tug at it and slowly you’re basically peeling off your face. NO. It doesn’t hurt, it kind of just feels like you’re peeling off dried glue from your palm.

When you’re finished, a stranger stares back at you. You realize that you have had an alternative face underneath this entire time. You are a completely different person. THIS is how you actually are supposed to look.

Everything that you have dealt with while wearing your old face—the face that remains in torn bits scattered all over your countertop—is gone. You now have to deal with these new facial features for the rest of your life. None of them bear any resemblance to your old ones. In fact, if you walked outside the bathroom, your parents would probably call the cops and report an intruder. Your life has completely changed in a matter of a few curious minutes.

What would you do?!

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  3. togecarlos said: i’d totally just live life normally and freak everyone out and see what’ll happen but omg this is a good story, well written
  4. drvong said: Mind = blown
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  • Posted: 21 July 2012